Custom Profile is a powerful module for Siberian CMS  that allows you to profile users by using custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, Multiline text, image, radio, checkbox, email, date etc

New Updates/Improvements:

26 Nov 2017 – Bug fix for redirect when switching multiple accounts 
25 May 2018 – Bug fix for background image
15 May 2018 – Bug Fix – Save alert added which was causing multiple emails triggering on layout 9
Dec 8,2017 – v6.35 – Missing translation added
 28th July 2017 – v6.31
– Login Close button issue fixed8th July 2017
— Added header in CSV file export
— Will show name instead of numeric data in multi select options
— Bug fixes for pe when you have more than 1k of app created, it was having issue with data not saved in some cases due to bigger field id3rd May 2017
– Appended App name in email subject and allow comma seperated email ids
– White Label SMTP integrated

Push Notifications Topics – Let user subscribe for topic on signup  ( visible only on mobile device)
User Roles – User can select Roles on signup using Padlock Pro module

– New Fields Added
1. Birthday Field
2. Anniversary – For Birthday/Marriage Anniversary etc
3. Telephone – International Mobile Number with country codes
4. User Roles
5. Push Topics

— UI improvements to show label and text field in row
— Bug Fixes for Smartly Disabling the module if form is not yet created.




  • Add a Section with Fields and Manage Profiles Options.
  • After new signup user redirect to CUSTOM PROFILE Page to update his/her Profile.
  • Create Text, Multitext, Email, Number, Date/Hour, Checkbox and Radio Button, Dropdown list.
  • Old Created users will get redirected on login for the first time to fill in the profile detail.
  • It locks the Profile page after signup to make it mandatory for customer to fill in at least required field mentioned by App admin.
  • It’s an awesome module which can give real meaning to your customers data.


How to Use

1.Go to Features, Select  Profile Module.


2. Create a Section and Field for Profile.



3.When user logs into the app using  Profile Module he/she will be automatically redirected to Profile Page.

Custom Profile

4. As App Admin – You can login as customer and change/see users profile data.


Note : This Module has been tested and working with latest Siberian 4.7.9 and does support only new Flat Layout for App admin. Please don’t buy if you are still using angular or old designs.