Reports addon will add various sales-related reporting and the option to download data as CSV.


  • Find out who is your best Customer with sales reports
  • Get all your orders report with full details
  • Find out the best-selling product with the Products report
  • Average Sales report with date filtering
  • Find out which store owes how much commission to your platform¬† if you have enabled commission capturing in settings tab
  • CSV download for all your report data.

Current Status: Feedback and Improvements
Release date: Oct End -2022 [ This is a tentative date, always consider an additional few weeks extra]


Currently, we are offering lifetime licenses only and the price may go up as we make progress. You can take a yearly license once the module is released.

The yearly license will be costly compared to the lifetime license so request you to take advantage now as we will remove lifetime licenses once our financial needs are met without any notice.