Everyone who starts app building dreams of making an app that will go viral, be in appstores’ top charts and help them earn big money. But many app builders fail to get even thousands downloads or a good app review score, the reason being following mistakes:

1) Starting with just a concept

How it looks like 

This is the first mistake app builders mostly do, they invest their time on app design and feature development without considering how will app be useful for target audience. They work hard to make app’s look as good as possible with an eye catching design but don’t think about who their app should be in hand of and what problems the app needs to solve. 

2) Not investing time on app marketing

It’s a known fact that more app downloads mean app is being used more and app builder has to give less effort over app promotion. But many developers start making app without thinking about how they will promote it and end up giving their best for app promotion but fail to get even 1000 downloads.

3) Including app marketing content in app.

Many developers also make the mistake of including app promotion on app, which is a big NO. App should be made for users and not for app promotion because no one likes to be forced into using something and this is what app promotion does when it comes inside app. This way you ends up making app which app users dislike and app gets bad review score.

4) Not giving attention to app reviews, rating & comments

Every user who uses app has an option to write a review, rate app or comment on app while using it. These are very important inputs from app’s perspective but many of you fail to take care of these as app critics can make app better or worse. So it’s app builder’s responsibility to read app reviews and take care of app rating if app is getting low ratings. They should keep app updated frequently, add new features for app users and solve any issue in app as soon as possible to avoid bad review score.

5) Not focusing on what app should be

This is the biggest mistake you sometimes do. They get into app development and design without knowing app functionality, app purpose. As a result app doesn’t look or work as it should have been and app builders start working hard to bring app back on track but before that they end up spending lots of time and money in wrong direction.

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