This year mobile app market is booming, there are so many apps on the market nowdays. How to get more sales for your apps? Let me share 5 tips with you:

1.        Know your customer, know what they want : Each of our customers have different habits , their way to search apps on the market is also different, they all have their own habits.

What do they usually want? E.g. many of the customers just need to download and try your app or you don’t even need to ask them for paying . Know your customer , know what they want, how to attract them more .  

2.        Do more promotion : I learn that the money can’t make you happy . Marketing is a good way to increase your sales , so do some promotion, keep updating on facebook twitter to attract more customers.

How to get app downloads? Easiest and free way is: 1) Offer for an app giveaway or free download 2) Create a review campaign on youtube or facebook to get more reviews for your apps 3) Do some free giveaways

*Tips:  Get in touch with your customers or fans , ask them which type of apps they are interested in the coming future, and you could combine these information to do next update, that will be much easier to get new users .

3.        Get more ratings: Ratings are very important to your app, with high ratings , people would be willing to get the apps .

How to increase rating? Do something that they like. For example : Offer some little rewards or free downloads when they rate your apps 5 stars .

  4.      Increase your users retention: Make good update , keep improving your apps, that will help you increase your users retention.

5.      Take care of your customers : If you really want to sell something, there is only one way to do it , that is: C A R E .

If you don’t have any caring feelings about the customer, they would just click your ads or click the “back button” when they see you want to sell them .

Knowledge is power, hopefully this article can help you get more sales for mobile app business. Thanks for reading, and stay tune with us!