You can now start selling simple subscriptions in your SiberianCMS App.

Subscription offers customers to pay small fees and business owners get recurring revenue, it’s win-win model for everyone.



  • Sell one or more subscription plans
  • Offer weekly/monthly/yearly plan with an optional free trial.
  • You can add this feature multiple times in app so it allows you to create list of plans when combined with Folder v2
  • Auto removal of feature access on plan expiry
  • Customer needs to renew same/different plan to access features after plan expiry date.
  • If free trial is enabled, users will get access to content for free and it will ask to renew with paid plans on expiry.
  • Integrated with Padlock Pro to auto-assign features if payment is successful.
  • Integrated with Commerce Pro so that you can use quick checkout method with already available payment gateway of Commerce Pro.
  • Custom Welcome and Confirmation message settings to use


1. Commerce Pro ( Mandatory) –  This module is mandatory to use the Subscription module as we use checkout flow of Commerce Pro. Subcription modules Product information and images are fetched from Commerce Pro linked product.

2. Padlock Pro ( Optional ) –  Padlock Pro is optional and if available in app will allow you to auto-assign features to customer after payment. If you don’t have this module you will be able to sell physical products via Commerce Pro only.


  1. There is no recurring billing supported at the moment. This is a simple subscription management with one-off payments till plan validity, after its validity is expired access is locked and user needs to pay again to unlock.
  2. Payment for renewal is not charged automatically. Customer needs to renew the plan if they want to access the product/feature after expiry.
  3. This module doesn’t offer In App Purchases instead uses Commerce Pro gateway to accept payments. It’s your responsibility to deal with app store policies in case you are selling just digital content. We recommend to combine it with physical products or find your own alternative to use this module.
  4.  Once customer hits subscribe button , he/she is redirected to checkout flow of Commerce Pro. This give full control over flexibility to capture whatever data you want or you can disable some steps to quickly send user to payment gateway page. Commerce Pro has huge settings to customise checkout flow with custom fields etc.
  5. Commerce Pro is mandatory module to use this feature and Padlock Pro is optional, You need to have latest version of these modules if you want to get complete integration. So active licenses to those modules is necessary to get the latest updates.
  6. All the configuration etc will be performed from Subscription module and it will look like independent module to user, internally it will be connected to commerce Pro module and user doesn’t need to do anything in Commerce Pro to use this.


Current Status:

First version of this module is expected to be release by 16th Aug 2022 ( end by end of July 2022 we finished our initial version and we are into final testing stage). It’s easy for us to develop something quickly when it’s in development stage and as no one has this module installed.





This is screen status of the module as of 31st July 2022, expect few changes in final release as we will do improvements based on feedback as we progress.