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Delivery Fees

Commerce Pro allows you to charge fixed or variable delivery fee for each store.

Variable delivery fees are calculated by finding distance between stores address and customers delivery address.

Fixed Delivery Fee
Fixed delivery fee is added when delivery address distance is more than set radius. In below image we have done the settings to charge 10 USD to customers whose delivery address is more than 50km and maximum delivery distance can’t be more than 200km. it will display 15 minutes as delay to customer while placing order and minimum amount to order needs to more than 10 USD

Variable Delivery Fee
You need to add various delivery zones/areas if you want to charge variable delivery fees. In image below I have added 2 zones, variable delivery fee works on top of fixed delivery fee so you need to add fixed delivery fees settings first and then create zones under total delivery area.
In fixed fee example we wanted to charge 10 USD if delivery address is more than 50km and now variable/additional fee of 10 USD will be added if distance is more 100km (first row) and additional 10 USD if distance is more than 200km, so far customer whose distance is 210 km it will charge 10 Fixed + 10 (100km) + 10 (200km) = 30 USD as delivery fee.
In the same way you can always add next slot and it’s fee.
Please note : total delivery radius (see image above) should be more than maxmium km, so it should be more than 200 if we consider above example.

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