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CommercePro-7.2.40 15th April 2021

  • In the shop profile there should be a button with (i), when you click it opens a popup or a page (which is better) where you can set all information about the shop, such as links, texts, headings. You should be able to do this via an editor, as with the description of products
  • Supports external links in store additional info
  • Search by Sku in store list page
  • Enable / Disable Product Images
  • Disable Location Settings – if dsiabled location is not fetched in store list page for better performance
  • Store Edit page , validation error fixed for no delivery method
  • E-mail order does not have the Order Number
  • Translation for days of the week and store category ,pickup dates etc
  • Work In progress –
    Product reviews , it’s partially released but front end side code is still to be done
    pick up & delivery filter at app side

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