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Driver Tracking

Note: Questtag is now ShipDay
You can enable driver tracking for orders , customers will get link via and they will see the realtime location of driver.
You can enable driver tracking using Shipday.com service which is free for 1000/orders/month and nominal fee after that. You just have to signup and copy past api keys.

When Store owner change order status to Shipped via editor or marketplace module, it will automatically send order data to ShipDay app and you can assign driver and customer will get sms and will be able to see the realtime location of driver and order status.
QuestTag provides free App for driver and customer does not need any app they will be able to see driver location from a link sent via sms. This makes your delivery system more transparent

Go to Commerce Pro Settings Tab and Input QuestTag Api Key.

How to create QuestTag Api Key
1. Create an free account on Shipday.com
2. Copy Api key from Profile section of this link

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