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v7.2.56 – 17th Sep 2021

Here are the new changes added in this version.

 New features 

— Product Reviews functionality know more

— WhatsApp Order – Option to Send Order to WhatsApp after user completes checkout flow know more

— Geolocation for Store  – store Edit page allows you to add geo location of stores, some country was having issue with pointing out exact location with full address
— Geolocation for customer address can be enabled from settings tab, this allows user to select geolocation for delivery in checkout process.

— above 2 changes will make delivery fee calculation accurate.

 Bug Fix 

– product price is not showing/cropped when product picture are hidden.

  • Translation fix for Order status and few more string include this sentence Product $1’s available stock is $1. Please remove $3 quantity to continue.
  • Horizontal scroll on categories for store list page fixed [iOS issue ]
  • No strike on Original price when Sale price is enabled – fixed
  • Confirmation email Application name should start with capital letter
  • Delivery Radius issue fixed
  • time delay increased while typing discount code

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