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CommercePro7.2.20 – 12 Feb 2021

Enable SKU’s for Products – it allow you to enter product skus and if added will display on cart/order page etc

Admin Notes – Now admin can add order notes which will be visible to user in order history section.

Order Success Message – Now you can customise order success message from settings tab and user needs to click ok after reading message, it will be good to display important order related info or have personalised greetings based on business needs.

Payment Gateways Integration – Ewallet integration to allow your customer to use ewallet if you have installed it in the app.

Bank Transfer added – Now you publish Bank transfer related info to the users in checkout process, it is addition to Cash and can change the label to use it for prepaid cards or other information publishing related purposes.

Skip Delivery or Payment Page – In case you don’t want your users to ask delivery method or payment method , then don’t select any option in store edit page and related page will skipped for use while doing checkout. This is useful when you want faster checkout without in some cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Copy changes in pdf file that sent to printers via email
  • Payment gateway settings save related issue fixed
  • Random duplicate order email trigger issue fixed
  • Capturing wrong delivery time issue for ios fixed
  • Some translation related issue fixed
  • minor UI related issue fixed

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